Thursday, May 5, 2011

One of the sweetest things I have ever read! Brought me to tears!

So today Colton and I headed over to my Mom and Louis'  house, we were going to watch my little brother's baseball game, and I was blessed beyond words with the sweetest surprise!
As soon as we walked in the door my mom told me Justin had come home with a project he did at school today and I had to read it.

The project was about a person you admire and he chose ME!

The questions read as follows, and then here were his answers that led me to tears...

Person's Name:  Katherine Moses, my Sister

What he or she looks like on the outside: She has shiny brown hair and beautiful brown eyes

Personality characteristics: She is funny, admirable, and of course a total gamer ( haha this was so funny he meant I love to play board games with him! so sweet)

Why she is someone you admire: I admire her because she is a very loving sister

A mini story about a time she did something special: On my 8th birthday she took me to Disney's Animal Kingdom I was so surprised. I had an awesome time with her.

Something you have learned from her: I learned how to be a better person ( ok really lost it here)

The main thing you want your reader to know: I want my reader to know that she is the best sister!

I cannot express how blessed I am to read this. Such a great early Mother's Day from my little brother, who I feel like a second Mom to. I love him like my own! Reading this made me really realize how important spending quality one on one time with people you love. Memories really stand out to people and they remember even the little things you do for them!

Justin is such an amazing little boy, brother & Uncle. He has taught he so much! He has the most amazing heart and is so in touch with his emotions! He is so loving and affectionate and extremely thoughtful to so many around him! He is such an example of Christ's love! He is my other child, my brother, and has my heart!! Colton absolutely adores him, and Justin can make him laugh hysterically and on the spot! I am so happy my son is going to have such a great role model, uncle and best buddy in his life!

Justin is adopted and the love that Christ put in our heart for him from day 1 is so amazing! I feel so blessed that God chose us to be his family!  He has made me want to adopt kids of my own someday!

Here is a picture of the letter!! I hope this reminds us all to spend quality time with the people we love! Time is constantly ticking and we don't get these years back.

Love to all,