Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely in Lace!

Well Wedding season is upon us! Bobby and I just went to our friends Tyler and Lauren Arrington's wedding! We had so much fun! We have a few more weddings lined up this Spring, and I absolutely Love them! Every bride is so beautiful! You just can't stop glimpsing at her during the night and her sheer happiness is written all over her face! I think a bride is one of the most beautiful sites! They are glowing as they look the most beautiful and glamorous you have ever seen them! I also LOVE to see the groom's face as he first see's his bride at the top of the aisle, and his blushing cheeks and she slowly approaches her groom! I am so sappy!

Lately I have been reminiscing about my special day and it was so incredible! I would not of changed a thing, except I wish the night didn't fly by so fast. I love to daydream about it and try to remember every detail, because when you are the Bride the night is such a whirlwind and you are trying to take it all in!

One thing I would of done is I wish I tried on a million dresses, because you can never ever do that again! I had my dream dress and loved it so much I just wish I took advantage of trying every style on and taking fun pictures in them, because that is a one stop shop that you will never do again!

Here are some dresses I love right now! I am in love with Lace!

Love this gorgeous Vintage Lace dress.  

Love this Vintage Inspiration as well!

Image from

This is a lace dress from Judd Waddell, he was the designer of my dress and I Love his designs

My Dress!

Me and my groom on our day!

Some other fun shots from our wedding!
Daddy's girls!

The beautiful room!

Party Time!

I will cherish theses memories FOREVER!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Fun Day!

This past Saturday we had a family fun day! We try to go do something every Saturday as a family, to build great memories together and try new things!

We woke up Saturday and went to Einsteins for breakfast, and then we got on the road for the Miami Metro Zoo! It was the most beautiful day of the year and perfect for an outside activity! We timed it perfectly so that Colton took his morning nap in the car on the way to Miami, since it was a good hour drive. We arrived at the Zoo, and walked all around and saw great animals, went to the children's zoo, went for a ride on the carousel, watched the kids ride on camels, had some lunch, and walked around some more! The Miami Zoo is huge, we didnt make it around the entire trail. It was a great day and I can't wait to go back again when Colton is a little bigger and he can enjoy a ton of activities they have for kids!

We had a great day! I love my family! Here are some pics from the Zoo!

Daddy and Colton looking at the Flamingos!
Mommy and Colt on the carousel ride!
I am such a big boy mom!

Love to all,