Thursday, May 5, 2011

One of the sweetest things I have ever read! Brought me to tears!

So today Colton and I headed over to my Mom and Louis'  house, we were going to watch my little brother's baseball game, and I was blessed beyond words with the sweetest surprise!
As soon as we walked in the door my mom told me Justin had come home with a project he did at school today and I had to read it.

The project was about a person you admire and he chose ME!

The questions read as follows, and then here were his answers that led me to tears...

Person's Name:  Katherine Moses, my Sister

What he or she looks like on the outside: She has shiny brown hair and beautiful brown eyes

Personality characteristics: She is funny, admirable, and of course a total gamer ( haha this was so funny he meant I love to play board games with him! so sweet)

Why she is someone you admire: I admire her because she is a very loving sister

A mini story about a time she did something special: On my 8th birthday she took me to Disney's Animal Kingdom I was so surprised. I had an awesome time with her.

Something you have learned from her: I learned how to be a better person ( ok really lost it here)

The main thing you want your reader to know: I want my reader to know that she is the best sister!

I cannot express how blessed I am to read this. Such a great early Mother's Day from my little brother, who I feel like a second Mom to. I love him like my own! Reading this made me really realize how important spending quality one on one time with people you love. Memories really stand out to people and they remember even the little things you do for them!

Justin is such an amazing little boy, brother & Uncle. He has taught he so much! He has the most amazing heart and is so in touch with his emotions! He is so loving and affectionate and extremely thoughtful to so many around him! He is such an example of Christ's love! He is my other child, my brother, and has my heart!! Colton absolutely adores him, and Justin can make him laugh hysterically and on the spot! I am so happy my son is going to have such a great role model, uncle and best buddy in his life!

Justin is adopted and the love that Christ put in our heart for him from day 1 is so amazing! I feel so blessed that God chose us to be his family!  He has made me want to adopt kids of my own someday!

Here is a picture of the letter!! I hope this reminds us all to spend quality time with the people we love! Time is constantly ticking and we don't get these years back.

Love to all,


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My time at Taylor's Closet!

Tonight was my first night volunteering at Taylor's Closet! It was so amazing! If you have never heard of Taylor's closet here is some background info:
Taylor's closet was starting by a young girl named Lindsay. When she was just 14 years old her mom told her she wanted her to pray about a community service project to get involved in. Lindsey had the idea of giving away clothes to underprivelaged girls that don't have the opportunity to go shopping. It started with getting clothes from girls she knew and has turned into an amazing boutique! All the clothes are brand new and donated from designers. The idea is for the girls to come and shop and for them to be completely catered to! The goal is to make them feel beautiful and love on them and show them Christ's love for them by making them feel so special and accepted!

The girls get to come in and get 3 items of clothing every month. Tonight I got to meet 7 amazing girls! They came into the store and we helped them go shopping for different items they need in their wardobe and then they try everything on for us! It was so fun! After they choose their 3 items we have them fill out a prayer card, and we talk to them for awhile about what is going on in their life and then we pray with them.

Who would think that a shopping experience in a boutique setting would be a perfect place to minister to girls! I loved complimenting them and making them feel beautiful! They were so cute.

God is so neat how he works; the first girl I got to talk to and pray with shared that she was having some family struggles and is from a broken family. I was able to relate to her and tell her I know the things she is feeling! God matched us up perfectly since I have the same background! It was so cool to watch God do his thing! I can't wait to go back next month! I get to pray for these girls this month! So excited that God is allowing me to share this joy with him as he grows his kingdom. I can only pray that I love like Jesus loves!

Here is Taylor's Closet:

The beautiful boutique!

The dressing room! We sat on this couch and watched the girls try on

The dressing rooms!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely in Lace!

Well Wedding season is upon us! Bobby and I just went to our friends Tyler and Lauren Arrington's wedding! We had so much fun! We have a few more weddings lined up this Spring, and I absolutely Love them! Every bride is so beautiful! You just can't stop glimpsing at her during the night and her sheer happiness is written all over her face! I think a bride is one of the most beautiful sites! They are glowing as they look the most beautiful and glamorous you have ever seen them! I also LOVE to see the groom's face as he first see's his bride at the top of the aisle, and his blushing cheeks and she slowly approaches her groom! I am so sappy!

Lately I have been reminiscing about my special day and it was so incredible! I would not of changed a thing, except I wish the night didn't fly by so fast. I love to daydream about it and try to remember every detail, because when you are the Bride the night is such a whirlwind and you are trying to take it all in!

One thing I would of done is I wish I tried on a million dresses, because you can never ever do that again! I had my dream dress and loved it so much I just wish I took advantage of trying every style on and taking fun pictures in them, because that is a one stop shop that you will never do again!

Here are some dresses I love right now! I am in love with Lace!

Love this gorgeous Vintage Lace dress.  

Love this Vintage Inspiration as well!

Image from

This is a lace dress from Judd Waddell, he was the designer of my dress and I Love his designs

My Dress!

Me and my groom on our day!

Some other fun shots from our wedding!
Daddy's girls!

The beautiful room!

Party Time!

I will cherish theses memories FOREVER!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Family Fun Day!

This past Saturday we had a family fun day! We try to go do something every Saturday as a family, to build great memories together and try new things!

We woke up Saturday and went to Einsteins for breakfast, and then we got on the road for the Miami Metro Zoo! It was the most beautiful day of the year and perfect for an outside activity! We timed it perfectly so that Colton took his morning nap in the car on the way to Miami, since it was a good hour drive. We arrived at the Zoo, and walked all around and saw great animals, went to the children's zoo, went for a ride on the carousel, watched the kids ride on camels, had some lunch, and walked around some more! The Miami Zoo is huge, we didnt make it around the entire trail. It was a great day and I can't wait to go back again when Colton is a little bigger and he can enjoy a ton of activities they have for kids!

We had a great day! I love my family! Here are some pics from the Zoo!

Daddy and Colton looking at the Flamingos!
Mommy and Colt on the carousel ride!
I am such a big boy mom!

Love to all, 


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spring Fashions!

Stella & Dot's Spring/Summer Collection has arrived and it is amazing! The designs are right on with runway trends for this season.

From here are some of my favorite runway trends for this season:

1.  Crochet clothing

Dallin Chase Nikolai Crochet Dress
available at Shop Bop
Love the cream crochet ans the scalloped bottom!

2. 70's Glam The Flared Jean is back once again!

 From Derek Lam SS11

Love the sophisticated and tailored look. Flared high wastes pants look best with a structured top that is tucked in and a belt helps to cinch the waste for more of a shape.

3. Tassels, Tassels, Tassels!!
On bags, on Top, dresses, shoes and of course accessories!

 Stella & Dot's Revival Tassel. 
This a signature piece for your spring/summer wardrobe. An effortless way to stay on trend this season! 
Throw this on with a great t-shirt, some flared jeans, and great pair of clogs, or wear it over a print dress!
Available from me at

4.Jumpsuits and Rompers

Yay this trend is here to stay for another season! I cannot get enough of them! I want to add a sophisticated white jumpsuit to my wardrobe this season! Great for Bridal showers, vacations, and all of your summer events! Pair with a arm full of our Stella and Dot Bangles!

5. 60's Lady Like Skirts

Try vibrant mid length skirt like this one from Urban Outfitters
Of course the mini skirt is still in full swing, but try a mid length or maxi length this season! These are a great transition piece from winter into Spring!

My Stella and Dot Spring obsessions!

From the Brazil Collection:

The Bamboleo
Love this Statement Necklace! Invest in this item and you have a outfit maker for the season!

The Bardot Hoop Earrings

These earrings are only $39 and they are super light! They are a great addition to your work wardrobe this spring or for a frolicking at the beach! These gold tones will look great paired with your sun kissed tan this summer!

The Camilla Ring

For $49 the Camilla Ring is a favorite of mine. This ring looks like a gem you would find in your grandmothers jewel box! Such an awesome vintage inspiration. Looks great as a cocktail ring for a night on the town or again with your every day wardrobe.

The Marrakesh Bib

A wow factor! Completely update your outfit with this statement! This necklace is surprisingly very light and has a ribbon tie back. It is wedding season do you have the same black dress you are dreading? Throw this necklace on for some definite compliments!

The Medina Bib

Love this bib with a striped top, I also wore it with a fun printed top and it rocked! I would love to see it with a gauze dress and some killer strappy heels!

Our very own: The Palm Beach Collection!

The Birds of Paradise Necklace

This is a must have for us Floridians! This is also necessary for those great summer beach vacations!

Love it paired with the following:

The Sunset Bangle and the Paige Enamel Bangle look great together or alone!

Let me know which pieces are your favorite for the season! To view the whole collection take a look on my website at

I would love to get you all of your favorites for free by having some of your girlfriends together for a trunk show! Book one today, and be the first to have these items!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Memories, Mirrors & Makeovers

This past Saturday I was blessed to have attended a wonderful seminar by Catherine Kickem. Catherine started a ministry called Intentional Motherhood. God is truly using her to speak out to moms on having the kind of relationships God desires for us! I encourage you to check out Catherine's website and try to make a seminar. I also signed up to join a small group which they are starting up!

Here is how God spoke to me personally:

The kind of mom I want to be,

One thing God has truly taught be so far in my amazing journey of motherhood is to TRUST him with everything!! I remember at first being a bit overwhelmed when Colton was born thinking I am responsible for this life, I want to do everything perfect and God said to me, Katie you are not perfect and can't parent perfectly that is why you NEED me. I realized I couldn't do it without him there is too much worry and concern all the time and I said God this is your child first and believe it or not you love him more than I do. I don't want to control everything in this child's life I want to trust in your plan for him and not my plan for him. This has made me be so much less anxious and very calm with my son, and I know it made all the difference with him, he has such a calm and laid back spirit. Yes he will be an active boy, but I have realized he needs to be able to explore and learn (of course with him in my sight at all times)! It is hard to see my baby getting bigger, he has grown up so much already this past ten months, but he is starting to get some independence. Of course I know he still needs me a lot which I love!! But I need to let him have that little independence he is desiring so that God can start to grow him. I don't want to create fears in him by my worry and anxiety but instead lead him to know what it looks like to trust God with everything in his life and instead be GOD FEARING!

My Desires:

I desire to be a mom that when my kids and my husband  look at ME they see HIM. I want them to be able to run and talk to me about absolutely anything even if it's there worst moments, and for them to know I will first say I love you, and we will face this together as a family. I want to be able to of course offer my counsel and advice but to also be able to just listen. I want to be able to look at them and say " I am sorry, can you forgive me" I want them to be able to see my struggles because I talk about the things I need to work on. I want them to see a mom that loves them more than anything in the world both by my actions and me telling them that, but I want them to see I can only do my very best as a parent but I NEED God's wisdom and guidance. I want my kids to see the real me and be able to bare my soul to them, and in this see our very real God. I pray they see a God fearing women who is constantly hungry for God and his word but who also LIVES out the word. I pray they see me as someone who always has a teachable spirit, because there is always more God wants to show me and grow me. I pray they see a mom who steps out in faith and answers when God calls her to act. I desire for a deep emotional connection with my children the way God desires for me to have with him. I pray my kids have an amazing relationship with their heavenly father and live the abundant and free life God talks about, of course I know this does not come without pain and sorrows and trials. But I do know God never wastes any pain or sorrow in our lives, he uses it for his Glory! I am so blessed God chose me to be both Bobby's wife and Colton's mom because it has brought me the most joy I have experienced. They are my world!

Catherine spoke about what kind of legacy you want to leave someday for your family when you are gone. This is the legacy I desire. What is your legacy?

These are just some of my thoughts and prayers from my motherhood conference! Check out the Intentional motherhood website!

Intentional Motherhood

Love to all,