Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My time at Taylor's Closet!

Tonight was my first night volunteering at Taylor's Closet! It was so amazing! If you have never heard of Taylor's closet here is some background info:
Taylor's closet was starting by a young girl named Lindsay. When she was just 14 years old her mom told her she wanted her to pray about a community service project to get involved in. Lindsey had the idea of giving away clothes to underprivelaged girls that don't have the opportunity to go shopping. It started with getting clothes from girls she knew and has turned into an amazing boutique! All the clothes are brand new and donated from designers. The idea is for the girls to come and shop and for them to be completely catered to! The goal is to make them feel beautiful and love on them and show them Christ's love for them by making them feel so special and accepted!

The girls get to come in and get 3 items of clothing every month. Tonight I got to meet 7 amazing girls! They came into the store and we helped them go shopping for different items they need in their wardobe and then they try everything on for us! It was so fun! After they choose their 3 items we have them fill out a prayer card, and we talk to them for awhile about what is going on in their life and then we pray with them.

Who would think that a shopping experience in a boutique setting would be a perfect place to minister to girls! I loved complimenting them and making them feel beautiful! They were so cute.

God is so neat how he works; the first girl I got to talk to and pray with shared that she was having some family struggles and is from a broken family. I was able to relate to her and tell her I know the things she is feeling! God matched us up perfectly since I have the same background! It was so cool to watch God do his thing! I can't wait to go back next month! I get to pray for these girls this month! So excited that God is allowing me to share this joy with him as he grows his kingdom. I can only pray that I love like Jesus loves!

Here is Taylor's Closet:

The beautiful boutique!

The dressing room! We sat on this couch and watched the girls try on

The dressing rooms!

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  1. omgsh i was at Rio when they talked about this! I can see you loved it!!