Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovely in Lace!

Well Wedding season is upon us! Bobby and I just went to our friends Tyler and Lauren Arrington's wedding! We had so much fun! We have a few more weddings lined up this Spring, and I absolutely Love them! Every bride is so beautiful! You just can't stop glimpsing at her during the night and her sheer happiness is written all over her face! I think a bride is one of the most beautiful sites! They are glowing as they look the most beautiful and glamorous you have ever seen them! I also LOVE to see the groom's face as he first see's his bride at the top of the aisle, and his blushing cheeks and she slowly approaches her groom! I am so sappy!

Lately I have been reminiscing about my special day and it was so incredible! I would not of changed a thing, except I wish the night didn't fly by so fast. I love to daydream about it and try to remember every detail, because when you are the Bride the night is such a whirlwind and you are trying to take it all in!

One thing I would of done is I wish I tried on a million dresses, because you can never ever do that again! I had my dream dress and loved it so much I just wish I took advantage of trying every style on and taking fun pictures in them, because that is a one stop shop that you will never do again!

Here are some dresses I love right now! I am in love with Lace!

Love this gorgeous Vintage Lace dress.  

Love this Vintage Inspiration as well!

Image from

This is a lace dress from Judd Waddell, he was the designer of my dress and I Love his designs

My Dress!

Me and my groom on our day!

Some other fun shots from our wedding!
Daddy's girls!

The beautiful room!

Party Time!

I will cherish theses memories FOREVER!!!!

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