Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Memories, Mirrors & Makeovers

This past Saturday I was blessed to have attended a wonderful seminar by Catherine Kickem. Catherine started a ministry called Intentional Motherhood. God is truly using her to speak out to moms on having the kind of relationships God desires for us! I encourage you to check out Catherine's website and try to make a seminar. I also signed up to join a small group which they are starting up!

Here is how God spoke to me personally:

The kind of mom I want to be,

One thing God has truly taught be so far in my amazing journey of motherhood is to TRUST him with everything!! I remember at first being a bit overwhelmed when Colton was born thinking I am responsible for this life, I want to do everything perfect and God said to me, Katie you are not perfect and can't parent perfectly that is why you NEED me. I realized I couldn't do it without him there is too much worry and concern all the time and I said God this is your child first and believe it or not you love him more than I do. I don't want to control everything in this child's life I want to trust in your plan for him and not my plan for him. This has made me be so much less anxious and very calm with my son, and I know it made all the difference with him, he has such a calm and laid back spirit. Yes he will be an active boy, but I have realized he needs to be able to explore and learn (of course with him in my sight at all times)! It is hard to see my baby getting bigger, he has grown up so much already this past ten months, but he is starting to get some independence. Of course I know he still needs me a lot which I love!! But I need to let him have that little independence he is desiring so that God can start to grow him. I don't want to create fears in him by my worry and anxiety but instead lead him to know what it looks like to trust God with everything in his life and instead be GOD FEARING!

My Desires:

I desire to be a mom that when my kids and my husband  look at ME they see HIM. I want them to be able to run and talk to me about absolutely anything even if it's there worst moments, and for them to know I will first say I love you, and we will face this together as a family. I want to be able to of course offer my counsel and advice but to also be able to just listen. I want to be able to look at them and say " I am sorry, can you forgive me" I want them to be able to see my struggles because I talk about the things I need to work on. I want them to see a mom that loves them more than anything in the world both by my actions and me telling them that, but I want them to see I can only do my very best as a parent but I NEED God's wisdom and guidance. I want my kids to see the real me and be able to bare my soul to them, and in this see our very real God. I pray they see a God fearing women who is constantly hungry for God and his word but who also LIVES out the word. I pray they see me as someone who always has a teachable spirit, because there is always more God wants to show me and grow me. I pray they see a mom who steps out in faith and answers when God calls her to act. I desire for a deep emotional connection with my children the way God desires for me to have with him. I pray my kids have an amazing relationship with their heavenly father and live the abundant and free life God talks about, of course I know this does not come without pain and sorrows and trials. But I do know God never wastes any pain or sorrow in our lives, he uses it for his Glory! I am so blessed God chose me to be both Bobby's wife and Colton's mom because it has brought me the most joy I have experienced. They are my world!

Catherine spoke about what kind of legacy you want to leave someday for your family when you are gone. This is the legacy I desire. What is your legacy?

These are just some of my thoughts and prayers from my motherhood conference! Check out the Intentional motherhood website!

Intentional Motherhood

Love to all,


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